Girl's Book Club

Part of the training to be a great helper to our family is to acquire as much knowledge as possible.  One great way to be well equipped for our upcoming challenges and God assignments is to have well rounded education in different areas such as Law, Science, Economics, Business, Marketing, the Sciences, History, Theology, Home management, the Arts, Communication, Nutrition, Health, Natural Medicine, current events, media & technology, missions and aesthetics.

We would like to welcome you to this Girl's book club as a way to encourage one another in reading books that will help us in our role and the good works God has prepared for each of us.

"The Fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge..." Proverbs 1:7

How the book club works:

1.  Sign up below and introduce yourself
     (name, age, what books you like to read...)

2.  Pick a book or topic you would like to read. 
     (For suggestions go to search A Book
    List for Girls, or you can go to our
    Lamplighter Link on the right or to our store)

3.  When you are done reading it, you may
     a.  Just leave a comment about the book, what you learned and if you
          recommend it.
     b.  You may share with us a book report or summary.
     c.  Share how this book impacted you, what you liked or didn't like.
     d.  You may also post a thread of discussion on the topic you are reading 
          about or the book you chose.
     e.  Choose to do an activity or something that inspired you by the reading and
          share about it, post some pictures.
      f.  Lapbooks are fun to do about the topic or  
         book you read.  Don't forget to 
         share some pictures too.

4. Then begin another book and keep going!

5.  When you have decided on a book, let us
     know.  There may be others who
     would like to read the same book.  This 
     would be fun to have some discussion
     as we read together.

6.  Girls, young ladies and mommys of all ages
     are invited to adventure in the club. 
     Encouragers and wise input is desired.

Girl's Book Club

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